Our Specialties

Arena Partners is experienced, connected, creative, and practical. We have created, nurtured and delivered on the biggest stages for global audiences. We have the skills to shepherd your vision to reality, and the practical experience and perspective to do so while protecting your budget.

Brand Activations / Pop-Up Events

We ensure that your brand stands out with unique activations that engage audiences.

Festival & Concert Production

Site selection, production design, talent booking, permitting, labor management, budget ownership, and event production are just a few of our areas of expertise for festivals, concerts and other large-scale events.


We are proud to work with causes to bring their mission to life and inspire attendees with moving experiences that go beyond food & entertainment to stir the soul.

Sponsor Hospitality

Service is in our DNA, and we design hospitality experiences that ensure your sponsors and clients will be delighted and awed; deepening their affinity for your brand while making them hungry for more.

Corporate Meetings & Events

Our approach to corporate functions starts with defining the purpose and desired outcomes, to ensure that every element of the attendee experience conveys and reinforces key messages. We know how to inject fun and engagement into experiences, which heightens the emotional impact and deepens retention of the underlying messages.

Project Examples